FXtender Features

FXtender is the perfect companion for the premium JobRoller job portal theme, from AppThemes. It adds new features, options and widgets for creating a unique Job Portal.

FXtender is available in two different versions: Free and Lite. Although both offer unique features to your JobRoller theme, the Pro version will give you access to more features. Bellow are some of  the features offered by FXtender. You can download the Lite version and check all the features available.

* Upload/store Logos on Profile and use them when submitting Jobs. No need to browse for Logos for each new Job submitted
* Replace Job Listers Profile Avatar with the Logo uploaded on their Profile
* Offer Free Jobs but charge featured jobs
* Apply with registered emails only (reduces spamming)
* Show Inline LinkedIn User/Company profiles on Members, Job Seekers or Job Listers profile pages
* Show Inline LinkedIn User/Company profiles on Resume or Job pages 

* Apply with LinkedIn
* New Gateways: 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Manual Payment
* S2Member integration for Job Seekers
* Upload CV/Resume files on Job Seeker's Dashboard
* Download CV/Resume files on single Resume Pages
* Apply to Jobs with Profile Resumes
* Free offer for Job Packs
* Resume Browse/View for Paid Listings (Live)
* Resume Browse/View for Paid Listings (All)
* Redirect Job Listers to a user specified page if Resume Browse/View options not met
* Attach Profile Resumes
* Redirect Job Visitors
* Redirect Application Visitors
* Auto fill Job Lister Details
* Auto fill Job Seeker Company Details on Job Submit

* New Gateway: Google Checkout!
* Days Left
* Job Hovering Preview with customizable content colour and styling
* Resume Browse/View for Paid Job Packs, only

* Show Breadcrumbs
* First # Job(s) Free
* First # Job(s) Moderated
* Moderate Jobs Posted by Admins
* Job Duration Field
* Job Duration Caption
* Job Duration (min. days)
* Job Duration (max. days)
* Applications Recipient Field
* Disable/Hide Google Maps
* Hide Company Logo
* Hide Action Buttons
* Show Apply Online
* Featured Jobs on All Listings
* Display Company Logo Thumb on Job Listings
* Company Logo Thumb Position on Job listings
* First # Job(s) Free Message
* Hide Pre-Payment Paragraph
* First # Job(s) Moderated Message
* Email Signature
* Hide 'Apply Online' on Indeed Jobs
* Hide Job Page Nav. Widget
* Google Buzz Profile ID
* Display Google Buzz on Social Widget
* Display Facebook on Social Widget
* Company Logo Widget
* Mini Map Widget

…many more features and news coming…stay tuned!