FXtender Features Comparison

This table shows all the features instantly available after you install FXtender. The list is long and will get longer. New features will be added regularly.


Feature LITE PRO
Show Breadcrumbs x x
Redirect Job Visitors x
Redirect Application Visitors x
First #Job(s) Free for Paid Job / Job Pack x
First #Job(s) Moderated x x
Moderate Jobs Posted by Admins x x
Job Duration Field x
Job Duration Caption x
Job Duration (min. days) x
Job Duration (max. days) x
Applications Recipient Field x
Disable/Hide Google Maps x x
Hide Company Logo x
Hide Action Buttons x x
Show Apply Online x
Featured Jobs on All Listings x
Replace Date with Days Left x x
Display Company Logo Thumb on Job Listings x
Company Logo Thumb Position on Job Listings x
Job Preview on Job Listing Hovering x x
Job Preview Description Size x x
Job Preview Company Logo x
Job Preview Color x x
Job Preview Style x x
Auto fill Job Lister Details x x
Auto fill Job Seeker Company Details x x
 Apply with registered emails only (reduces spamming) (new) x
Persistent Company Logos (submit jobs without uploading a new logo each time) (new) x
Resume Listings Visibility for Paid Job Packs x
Resume Visibility for Paid Job Packs x
Resume Listings Visibility for Paid Listings (Live) x
Resume Visibility for Paid Listings (All) x
Upload CV/Resume Files on the Dashboard x
Apply to Jobs with uploaded CV/Resumes files x
Download CV/Resume files directly from Online Resumes
Google Checkout x
2Checkout x
Authorize.net x
 Manual Payments x
S2Member Integration
Restrict access for adding new Online Resumes x
Restrict Access for Uploading Resumes files x
First # Job(s) Free Message x
Hide Pre-Payment Paragraph x
First # Job(s) Moderated Message x x
Email Signature x
Hide 'Apply Online' on Indeed Jobs x x
Apply with LinkedIn  x
Show Inline LinkedIn profile on Profiles, Resume or Job pages (new)  x  x
Widget Features and New Widgets
Hide Job Page Nav. Widget x x
Google Buzz Profile ID x x
Display Google Buzz on Social Widget x x
Display Facebook on Social Widget x x
Company Logo Widget (New Widget!) x x
Mini Map Widget (New Widget!) x x