FXtender 1.2 released!

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FXtender 1.2 is now available for download!

This release brings great features and adds great value to any powered JobRoller job portal. Users can now make money with Job Seekers by restricting access to certain functionalities. FXtender now integrates with S2Member allowing you to restrict functionalities on your website. Specific JobRoller restrictions are currently limited to Resumes functionalities but others are planned.

Also, with this release, Job Seekers can now upload CV/Resumes on their dashboard and use them to apply for jobs. This feature is integrated with S2Member so you can restrict it’s access to paying Users.

Although instructions on how to integrate S2Member are provided, I recommend reading it’s documentation first.

What’s New?


  • Fixed bug with location search crashing when option disabled
  • Fixed job preview on authors page and dashboard
  • Fixed manual payments with other gateways on dasboard/myjobs page


  • Added additional rules (internally) for showing thumbs only on featured jobs. This should fix problems where thumbs were not showing up for featured jobs on the top of the listings
  • Added file permissions check for qtip styles and colors, text files
  • Changed custom javascript from header to footer. This should fix problems related to thumbnails not showing on listings
  • Changed the 'Resume Browse/View' options dependency from 'Members Only' to 'Job Listers Only'. Please check your options if you're using this feature
  • Code optimizations

New Features:

  • Auto update checks - FXtender will check for new releases and warn users when a new version is available to download (all versions)
  • New gateways: 2Checkout, Authorize.Net (pro)
  • S2Member integration for Job Seekers - restrict access to Resume functionalities for non paying Job Seekers (pro)
  • Profile Resumes - Attach CV/Resume files to existing Online Resumes (pro)
  • Apply to Jobs with Profile Resumes (selectable Profile Resumes on the 'Apply to Job' form) (pro)
  • Free offer for Job Packs (pro)
  • New options for Resume Browse/View:
    • Resume Browse/View for Paid Listings (Live) - limit Resume browsing/viewing to Job Listers with active jobs (published status) (pro)
    • Resume Browse/View for Paid Listings (All) - limit Resume browsing/viewing to Job Lister with at least one submitted job (published or expired) (pro)
    • Redirect Job Listers to a user specified page if Resume Browse/View options not met (pro)
  • Redirect Job Visitors - Redirect site visitors to Login Page when trying to view jobs (pro)
  • Redirect Application Visitors - Redirect site visitors to Login Page if trying to apply for jobs (pro)
  • Auto fill Job Lister Details (Company Name and Website) (lite)
  • Auto fill Job Seeker Company Details (name and email) (lite)

I hope you continue to enjoy FXtender features. More great features are planned for future releases 🙂

Keep sending your suggestions.


FXtender v.1.1.0 Released!

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FXtender 1.1 is finally available to download and purchase!

First of all let me apologize to all FXtender users who were waiting for this update for JobRoller 1.4. I really couldn’t finish it sooner. The reason for this delay was the introduction of new payment gateways for JobRoller, specifically, Google Checkout. This was really difficult to implement within an addon plugin and required lots and lots of patient, and testing. For this reason and to avoid more delays, this release features only a new gateway – Google Checkout. The good news is, the API for new gateways is implemented, so, expect more gateways soon 🙂

With the introduction of the new gateways, every page that would redirect users to Paypal (Job Submit, Relisting, etc…), now have a selectable box where Listers can choose the payment gateway they want to use (if the new gateways are active, of course). They will then be redirected to the checkout page of the selected gateway.

Please note that Google Checkout IPN responses do not work on localhost. If you want to test Google Checkout IPN Response (auto listing after successful payment) you must be using a domain name. If you want to test Google Checkout locally, you’ll have to update the listing status, manually. You can find more information on the gateways configuration page.

What's New?

This release presents a more mature version of FXtender that now has its own independent menu options. They are now contextually organized in categories and tabs making it easier to access all the features. Also, FXtender Free changed to Lite given that it’s actually a lite version that offers a small portion of the Pro features. It's still Free!

Although the priorities for this release were JobRoller 1.4 compatibility, menu organization and adding new gateways, I've also managed to squeeze some more features that can give your job portal that extra bit of personality.

Here’s a list of the new features:

* Google Checkout (Pro)
With Google Checkout enabled users can now choose which gateway they want to use to pay for jobs (Paypal, Google Checkout, more coming soon…).
* Days Left (Pro / Lite)
Job date can be replaced with Days Left on the job listings, job page, or job listings and job page.
* Job Preview (Lite)
Job preview on job listings is now possible. You can also choose pre-fixed styles and colors for the job preview window.
* Job Preview Thumbs (Pro)
The job preview window will show the company thumbnail based on your FXtender Listing Thumbs options.
* Resume Browse/View for Paid Job Packs only (Pro)
Resume access can be restricted only to users with paid job packs

Bugs squashed:

* Custom durations days were discarded on paid jobs.
* When hiding the map on the “Submit a Job” page, any address added to that job was not being picked up when doing a location search. Changed feature name to ‘Disable/Hide Google Maps’. When disabling google maps, geolocation is ignored and searches are completely based on string matching.
* The breadcrumb navigation was showing the wrong title when on the “My Jobs” page.
* Fixed IE problems related to commas (,) that were causing javascript errors and as a result not showing thumbnails on listings. Other browsers work correctly.

Thanks for tinygiantstudios support on the forums and with the bugs!

I hope you continue to find FXtender useful. Thanks for your interest.